In St. Petersburg, restaurants with a view hold a special allure, thanks to the city’s breathtaking beauty, and AGA boasts a location with one of the most spectacular panoramas in the world. On one side, guests can admire the majestic Prince St. Vladimir’s Cathedral, while the nearby Tuchkov Bridge buzzes with the rhythm of city life. In the distance, the Lakhta Centre stands tall against the sky, which often blazes with stunning sunsets. On the other side, a picturesque view unfolds, showcasing the iconic Vasilyevsky Island and offering glimpses of the future Tuchkov Buyan Park and the Eifman Theater.

The AGA terrace is a delightful blend of open and covered spaces, featuring pergolas, a central hearth, and a viewing platform. Guests can choose from tables suitable for large gatherings or cozy nooks for intimate conversations. Adding to the charm, the floral workshop "Nezhno" has transformed the terrace into a lush garden oasis, complete with fragrant herbs, blooming flower beds, and even apple trees.
1000 м²